Phil Seifritz

I am a self taught artist who was inspired to paint through my work as resident set designer and staff member of the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts. I developed my passion for painting through my production designs for Schaumburg Summer Theatre and the Schaumburg Dance Ensemble. After creating paintings for the set of Schaumburg Dance Ensemble’s 2002 production of “Snow White”, I took up painting in my spare time.

My mediums of choice are Acrylic and Spray Paint/Stencil on canvas, wood, or reclaimed objects. My colorful works find inspiration from images in everyday life, from newspaper articles to childhood memories to walking past graffiti splashed allies. If I see the finished product in his head, I will then begin the process to create it.

As the Prairie Center’s resident set designer I’ve been designing sets and set pieces for over twenty years worth of productions, including our Summer theatre, Spring Dance Show, and the Nutcracker programs.

I have been affiliated with and displayed with the HOTI Gallery of Elgin, Side Street Studio Arts of Elgin, the Oddball Arts Group, MORPHO Gallery of Chicago, and the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts among others.